A shower arm is a well-known bathroom fixture. You can attach a shower head to it and there are various models available. Some of them have additional features, including a hose extension so you don't need to bend over when bathing. The best shower arms must be made from durable materials that won’t corrode easily or break down after multiple years of usage.

A standard model doesn’t require any special plumbing skills either as long as you have an adjustable wrench with you to tighten all nuts securely into place

Do you want to know what the best shower arms and best shower head extension arms are? If so, then keep reading! This blog post will show you all of the best products on the market today. You'll learn more about different types of shower arms and shower arm extensions, how to install them, and which ones are best for your needs.

We've also included a buyer's guide with tips for making your purchase easier.

The 10 Best Shower Arm Extensions and Shower Arms

The Moen 14-Inch Extension Shower Arm offers a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. It is made up of high-quality material, this polished stainless steel shower arm allows you to enjoy the luxury of designer series looks at an affordable price. This brushed nickel Moen arm complements unique designs for every facet of your home.

This stunning showerhead arm is bent to fit larger showerheads, such as rain showers, and includes an integrated flange. It's available in three stylish finishes to perfectly match your decor. Choose the Brushed Nickel finish for a lightly brushed warm grey metallic look.

Moen Brushed Nickel Extension Curved Shower Arm

5/5 stars with 458 reviews


  • Comes with an integrated flange
  • Bent to fit larger showerheads
  • Available in three stylish finishes


  • Not too refined and detailed for the price

Looking to upgrade your shower experience? This 16-inch shower arm is perfect for adding more distance between you and the showerhead, providing a relaxing rainfall effect.

The easy-to-install design makes it a breeze to refresh your bathroom and install your rain shower head. You will love the look and feel of this strong shower head arm, made of durable stainless steel with a brushed finish. It is corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. The sturdy construction is made of brass and stainless steel, with advanced CNC precision machining that minimizes leaking potential. It has an easy installation with standard U.S. size tapered threads.

KES 16-Inch Rainfall Extension Shower Arm

4.5/5 stars with 407 reviews


  • Adds distance between you and your rain shower head for the perfect rainfall effect
  • Comes with advanced CNC precision machining
  • Unique leak proof structure


  • No margin of height adjustment

This chrome shower arm extension is perfect for everyday use. It has dual adjustments so you can customize your shower experience to get the most out of it. Delta faucet professionals extend the arm up to 18 inches to get just the right height and angle for you. Installation is a breeze- it installs in minutes without the need for plumbing professionals. This extension is made of brass and is suitable for most standard bathrooms.

Delta Faucet 10-inch Adjustable Extension Shower Arm

4.5/5 stars with 6,966 reviews


  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Suitable for most standard bathrooms


  • It gets etched by hard water

Bring the spa experience home with this Moen overhead shower arm. With its stylish chrome finish and 16-inch extended arm, it is perfect for rainshower showerheads. With its extended arm, you can now enjoy rainfall showers without having to get too close to the wall. The extra length gives you plenty of room to stand under the showerhead, while the mirror-like chrome finish will enhance any bathroom decor. 

Moen 151380 16-Inch Overhead Shower Arm

4.5/5 stars with 219 reviews


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Stylish chrome finish
  • Perfect for rain shower heads


  • A bit expensive

Looking to improve your showering experience? The SparkPod Solid Brass Adjustable Shower Arm Extension is perfect for anyone who wants to customize their showerhead's angle and height. Its turning elbow allows you to adjust the showerhead exactly where you want it, whether you're looking for maximum coverage or more accessibility. Plus, it's compatible with all types of showerheads, so you can get the most out of your daily scrub. It's as simple as twisting on a light bulb – it only takes a few seconds.

SparkPod Solid Brass Adjustable Shower Arm Extension

4.5/5 stars with 1,811 reviews


  • Compatible with rain or handheld showerhead
  • Easily adjustable
  • Modern look


  • If you don't handle it with care it starts to leak

The shower arm plays a vital role in your showering experience. The head clearance you have, the more it will be convenient for you. This HANEBATH high-rise shower is made up of stainless steel with 2.5 inches flange. If you're looking for a new shower arm then congrats you have found the right one. The pipe thickness is 1.5mm which makes it a bit heavy but also durable enough to withstand hard water minerals. Brushed nickel finish not only provides safety but also enhanced the decor of your bathroom. It also comes in oil rubbed bronze finish and high polished chrome finish.

HANEBATH High Rise S-Shaped Shower Arm with Flange

4.5/5 stars with 1,344 reviews


  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Good wall clearance
  • Perfect for rain shower head
  • Brushed nickel to enhance its look


  • It is specifically designed for the US market due to its thread sizes

The TRUSTMI 13 inch shower arm is specially designed for the US market. It has a to adjust feature that makes it compatible with all standard US wall pipe thread sizes. The metal construction is sturdy, while the brushed nickel finish will match any bathroom decor. This fixture is adjustable to your required height and angle. Just twist on your existing shower head and you're ready to go.

TRUSTMI Shower Arm with Flange, S-Shape 13

4.5/5 stars with 1,385 reviews


  • It is compatible with all standard US wall pipe thread sizes
  • Stylish nickel finish
  • Sturdy metal construction


  • Low quality chrome

Looking for a way to adjust your shower head for the perfect angle and height? Look no further than the Hibbent 16 Inch Shower Head Extension Arm! This arm is adjustable, so you can customize it to fit your needs, and it's made of high-quality brass with a polished chrome finish, ensuring durability and style. Plus, it quickly connects to any standard showerhead in just 5 minutes, making installation a breeze. Moreover, it is available in three different finishes Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and oil rubbed bronze

16 Inch Solid Brass Adjustable Shower Head Extension Arm

4.5/5 stars with 317 reviews


  • Adjustable to fit any need
  • Polished chrome finish for durability and style
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Not suitable for bigger rain shower heads

GenericBrands Shower Head Arm is a must-have if you want to optimize your shower height and degree angle. It's made of solid brass and can withstand heat, salt, hard water minerals, and stains in water. It's also resistant to corrosion from the elements, so it won't rust and you can use it outside without worry. Installation is a breeze - just twist on! And there's no need for plumbers - this shower head arm fits all standard shower plumbing systems. Plus, a FREE Teflon tape also comes with it. 

GenericBrands Solid Brass Shower Head Extension Arm

4.5/5 stars with 40 reviews


  • Made of solid brass for durability
  • Resistant to corrosion and heat
  • Fits most standard shower head


  • Threads can be damaged, if you change shower heads frequently.

Looking to upgrade your showering experience? This S-shaped brass shower arm with flange is perfect for rainfall shower heads, and offers a sleek, high-quality finish in brushed nickel. Plus, the flange provides a tight seal to prevent leaks.

Moreover, this arm is very easy to install - all you need is a wrench, plumber's tape, and your existing shower head. It attaches securely to the showerhead and fits all North American plumbing standards. So why wait? Upgrade your bathroom now with this top-rated brass shower arm.

HANEBATH Brass S Shaped Shower Arm with Flange

4.5/5 stars with 345 reviews


  • Sleek brushed nickel finish for a high-quality look
  • Fits all North American plumbing standards
  • Easy to install - includes instructions and plumber's tape


  • There is no height adjustment

What to Look for When Buying The Best Arm Extensions

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a shower arm. Here are the most important factors to consider when buying the best shower extension arm for you.

1. Type of Shower Arm

There are two ways that a shower head extension arm can be mounted- either on the wall or ceiling. This will depend on the space and design lifestyle of each individual. If you have a larger bathroom, go for a ceiling-mounted arm as this frees up more space on the floor area.

2. Wall or Ceiling Mounted?

There are two ways that a shower head extension arm can be mounted- either on the wall or ceiling. This will depend on the space and design lifestyle of each individual. If you have a larger bathroom, go for a ceiling-mounted arm as this frees up more space on the floor area.

3. Material of the Shower Arm

The best shower arms are made from either metal or brass with some even having a combination of both materials. Metal is best for long-lasting and easy to clean. In the same way, sturdy brass offers a more traditional style. If you see the houses built before the 1990s, you see bathroom fittings with solid brass construction. Initially, metals such as chrome and bronze can corrode over time. But now thanks to solid heavy gauge brass and chrome

4. Finish of the Shower Arm

The finish is also important when choosing an adjustable shower arm as it will be visible once installed. Choose a finish that will match the other bathroom fixtures and fittings. Brushed nickel and chrome are two of the most popular finishes and go well with most bathroom designs. Matte black and oil rubbed bronze are also equally famous among people but you just have to choose the one which suits your bathroom decor.

5. Length of the Shower Arm

The length of the shower arm is also important as you will need to make sure that it is long enough to reach the shower head. Most arms range from 8-16 inches in length but there are some longer ones available for rain shower heads with lock joints.

6. Thread Size

The thread size is the screw that connects the shower arm to the shower head. Most shower arms use a ¾ inch thread size but it is best to check this before making a purchase.

7. Water Pressure

Water pressure is an important factor to consider when choosing an adjustable shower extension arm as it will determine how strong the water flow will be. High water pressure is best for rinsing body hair to prevent hair clogging the shower head.

8. Installation Type

The best shower arms are those that are easy to fit without any hassles, so go for one with a flexible installation type if you are looking for easy to install one. If you struggle to install things yourself, then it is best to find a shower arm that comes with a professional installation kit.

9. Warranty

It is best to buy a shower arm that has a long warranty as this shows that the manufacturer stands behind its product. A good shower arm should have at least a 5-year warranty.

10. Price

The best shower arms do not have to be expensive and there are many affordable ones on the market. However, make sure that you do not compromise quality for the price. Choose an arm that is best suited for your needs and budget.

When choosing a shower arm, always keep the 10 factors mentioned above in mind to ensure you are getting the best one for your bathroom. There are many different shower arms on the market, so read carefully and make an informed decision.


A shower arm is an important part of any shower head and should be chosen wisely. There are many different factors to consider, such as type, material, finish, length, water pressure, and installation type. Make sure to read these reviews about shower arms before making a purchase to ensure you are getting the best shower arm to meet your needs. Great shower arm extensions should have a long warranty and be of good quality.

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